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The Thespian

The Thespian

Inside the mind of a prolific thespian sits a puzzle of introspective discord

The mind of the ridden falls to calamity

The secret of his achievement is doused in duality.

Herein lies the conundrum

The maker and the made both dance to the same drum

The shape and the shifter cannot decipher from whence they did come.

And in this play the protagonist sits beside himself as the antagonist of his plight.

It's a battle of self and a battle of mind

Yet there is no winner at any point in time

Just a speaker and a listener

An ear and a whisperer

Tonight you speak and I listen

And tomorrow we shall switch positions

The light shifts to darkness and the pain of transfiguration is the power you harness

In the struggle to complete this puzzle in the depth of his mind

The thespian delivers an insane performance deserving of an award.

To a pleasurable audience in his psychiatric ward.