Intricate Series

Intricate Series

Mr. Daibo II is paving his way within the world of art with his studio Daib.Art. Daibo is an abstract artist whose goal is to create work that involves duality. Duality and the Continuum that sits between light and dark, simplicity and intricacy, lines and space. This is all evident within his work “Intricate,” a two drawing series that depicts Diabo’s interpretation of art as they embody the inception and birth of his journey towards honing his artistic style and approach. Visit Mr. Daibo’s online art store to learn more about these pieces or to purchase one today!


Series As A Whole

The series ‘Intricate’ surrounds what Mr.Diabo II is all about, “Simply Intricate” artwork. Some meanings of the word intricate include “very complicated or detailed,” “having many complexly interrelating parts or elements,” and “having many interrelated parts or facets.” All of which can be seen at the first glance within this series of art, as they tell an interpretation of the fabric of the universe and everything in it.

Intricate 2.jpeg


This first piece in the series, ‘Intricate,’ is the first full-bodied intricate work by Mr. Daibo II. This piece tells the story behind Mr. Daibo’s passion for art, as it involves elements of what has become his artistic style and approach. The detail within each portion of this canvas is immense, as each section can be seen as an art piece of its own. No matter how far out you zoom from the piece, there is always a grander picture to be seen.

Intricate 1.jpeg

Intricate: Syntax

The second piece in the series, ‘Intricate: Syntax,” takes similar queues to that of ‘Intricate,’ as its intense detail tells a different story within every section. This piece takes it to another level because it is Mr. Daibo’s largest drawing piece to date, created on a foam board big enough to capture the essence of his passion for intricate art.


Their Story

Both of these intricate pieces of art are created to display different points of beauty within every section. At a glance, this art may seem difficult to understand, but when you view each portion at a time, you can truly see an attempt towards mirroring the world. As all its different patterns that are connected within their story.

Want to learn more about the ‘Intricate’ series of artwork or the artist behind them? Check out Mr. Daibo’s online art store in Winnipeg to gain a better understanding of his passion for art and the pieces he creates!