4 Daib.Art Pieces You Need in Your Home Decor Collection

4 Daib.Art Pieces You Need in Your Home Decor Collection

Decking your home gallery with eye-catching pieces is always a positive for upping your home décor game. Daib.Art of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is here to help with listing the four pieces you need for your home. Check out our latest works and shop our online art store today!


Aurora Painting

There's a universal agreement towards the breathtaking visuals of an aurora in the sky. The Aurora Painting invokes the escapism of said beauty overlaying the chaotic world underneath. This chaos isn't to undermine the piece; it's to highlight the moments in life we never forget, when our troubles wash away from the sheer beauty of rare spectacles such as the northern lights. The aurora painting invokes that appreciation we all have felt in our lives.


Serenity Painting

The Serenity Painting might seem simple, but just like life, the inner workings and complexities invoke the reality that nothing is truly black and white in meaning and circumstance. The colors blend to embody the transition of dark to light for our relatable perspective and life metaphors. The red to black symbolizes a similar motif, but now from the transition of love to darkness. The three isolated dots complement the feelings of harmony and peace made to add a question from the viewer to share personal perspective. Like life itself, it's good to always ask and reflect upon your experiences.

An image of the Aaron's Rod Drawing behind a grey sofa.

Aaron's Rod Drawing

If you're looking for powerful simplicity in your art, the Aaron's Rod Drawing is the match for you and your home. Based on the biblical rod given to Aaron by God, this painting invokes the sense of life and its ever-growing beauty that comes when choosing to keep moving forward with it.

An image of the Elemental Drawing on a shelf.

Elemental Drawing

Just like a cell under a microscope, what may seem simple to one person may be full of hidden meaning when the perspective changes. The Elemental Drawing is made with interpretive variability in mind as its unique components and structures contribute to a bigger function. Just like human society, each individual's unique differences create beauty when we all value those differences to help make life impactful and meaningful.

At Daib.Art, our artwork is both simple and complex. Each viewer will interpret the art differently based on their own experiences and perspectives. But no matter how you choose to look at it, you can't help but be intrigued by these pieces of art! Want to own a work of art from Daib.Art? Call our art store today!

Simple and complex, our art store pushes the values of personal expression and interpretation for each individual. The best decor for your home is a click away — shop our online art store today!